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Andes Café is both understated and ambitious. It's a simple place with no fancy designer furnishings. The ambition is on the menu. Let it not be said that chef David Guerrero does anything halfway. The dishes come from seven different South American countries: Guerrero's native Ecuador... Read more

Andes Cafe's ceviche is not only one of the most complex in Houston, it may also be the best value for the price. The portion size is huge and the seafood included is both interesting and exquisite. For $18, you get a big bowl full of corvina (delicate, white South American fish) and... Read more

Cuy, a delicacy in Peru and Ecuador, is now available in Houston—and only at Andes. FOR SOME OF US, especially those of us raised in Texas, the only thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “cuy”... Read more

Why it matters: Welcome to the new East End. Morning, noon and night at his casual Canal Street spot, Ecuadoran-born chef David Guerrero leapfrogs among South American cuisines with uncommon verve. There's charm and surprise to spare here. Read more

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Dishes inspired by Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Venezuela "Sometimes things... Read more